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Intensive Life Training 2012-2013

Capitalize on Chaos and Change!

Dramatic times of change and simple evolution require a new set of life skills.
Nothing is the same, everything is changing so quickly it is no longer business
as usual.  Take action now — The world will never return to normal — you
must adapt to every opportunity.  Doing things the old way is the enemy of
innovation — what you know that isn’t so must go. Expecting things to be the
same blocks the adaptation of new solutions.  Culture overwhelms strategy,
culture eats strategy for breakfast.

You Must Break the Rules that Paralyze Your Life.

This experiential series is about powerful concepts and vivid experiences that
stimulate your creativity, and ultimately position you as a trend-setter, as you
learn to capitalize and profit from chaos and change.  You emerge the leader
who ignites innovation while others flounder in a sea of uncertainty.  We get
proven results.  Strategies no longer work, it is culture that trumps everything
else and succeeds today.

If you know who you are, you will weather all types of chaos and change.
Strategies and techniques for gaining personal power are like dinosaurs, they
are things of the past.  You must be able to see trends and new opportunities
to succeed in the chaos of today’s high-speed world.  Complacency is
seductive and blinds us to the energy of innovation and reinvention.

The big seminar guys tout the old school win-loose thinking, ego inflation
through personal power.  They never tell you that they have a failure rate of
97% with their strategies, which are out of date and ineffective in our vastly
changing environment.

The experiential culture we share in the Intensive has a success rate of over
95% in the short term and 99% in the long term.  We are about culture,
community, communication, results and fun!!!  You learn to work together
as a highly functional team and everyone prospers.

Video and Thermionic Field Therapy

Through video, we visit your inner ghosts, demons, guides and shaman.  We
demystify the dysfunctional mythologies of language, culture and your
ancestors. We encourage taking creative risks, and being willing to make
mistakes — If you are willing to do it wrong, you dramatically accelerate your
learning curve and results.

Breaking one rule that binds you can change everything overnight.  Through
movement, dream interpretation, the imagery of the tarot and the group
dynamic, we explore the basic concepts of personal mythology that block
access to full self-actualization.

This is the Mystery School of the Ages

The class meets once a week, for four hours, on Sunday, with an all-day
class every six weeks. This weekly deep immersion with two hours of
movement and two hours of the group energy dynamic, is the key to
retraining the nervous system and sustaining new awareness.  Therapy and
motivational seminars deal with symptoms and strategies. Only the quality
of the story changes over time.  This process is radically different.

Things improve because this process goes to the root cause of all suffering.
Your whole outlook on life changes, because as a community, you turn what
were formerly perceived as problems into spiritual power.  That’s the secret
of a happy and successful life.
Adaptive Inner Culture and Innovation

If you live in a culture of strategy and technique you will be rigid and
immutable. Invoke an adaptive inner culture and your life will evolve quickly
into a spectacular innovative journey.

Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

The only thing slowing you down are the invisible rules that bind you.

Join us in The Mystery School for the next six month Intensive Life Training
in Los Angeles, on Sunday, October 21, 2012.  The tuition is $20,000.  Only a
few spaces remain, register now to reserve your spot!   A $2000 deposit is
required for you reservation.  The deposit and tuition are non-refundable.

This advanced seminar, is not for everyone, and a pre-enrollment interview
is required.


Happy and Successful

“There is before Karl and after Karl. No money, never a relationship and
years of searching for happiness, and now happy and successful in all areas
of life; business, personal and relationship.”

- Rex R.

Catalyst for Evolution

I had another interesting breakthrough today on some old mythologies. It’s
just amazing to me how well this works with your work and the intensive.
It is such a huge catalyst in evolution! I feel as though I am transforming
into a whole new species!”

- Yelena S.

Now I have a Wonderful Life!

“Whenever I speak about personal development I always say that being
‘cured’ by a shrink is impossible… The most profound development I’ve had
is with Karl’s classes and his Intensive Life Training.

Deep down inside I knew there was something wrong and needed to change.
Even though I made lots of money, and could do whatever I wanted, finding
happiness and a loving companion eluded me.  After the Intensive and
working with Karl, I am happily married with a beautiful wife and child.
We now have the home I always dreamed of and live in Monaco.  Thank you
for my life.”

- Marco Colombo

“I had done every training there is!

Having done many varieties of personal growth, I can say with confidence that Dr. Karl Wolfe’s Beyond the Edge™  and The Next Step™ are the most transformative you can find. The catch is that you must truly want to change your life and give up old patterns. I clung to patterns I didn’t even recognize, but only saw the results of not getting the money, love, and fulfillment I knew I wanted. In just a few months of working with Karl, I find the ways I was making myself suffer fall away every single day. Then seemingly without effort I am richer, loving every breath of life, and deeply fulfilled utilizing gifts I didn’t even know I had.”

- Jennifer B.

Loving and Courageous

“During the Intensive, the judgement and shame that had accumulated in my life began to feel inaccurate and unnecessary, allowing me to fall hopelessly in love with a newly discovered, innocent self: a self that feels unapologetic, immensely loving and courageous in it’s ability to connect with others.”

- Prudence Hall M.D.  The Hall Center

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