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That is Trivan walking on the Life-Line. His life was once limited by cerebral
palsy. After applying the tools, he is now walking tall and on both feet for the
first time in his life, every week his range increases.

Imagine this, it’s a gorgeous day at the beach. You are  taking in the brilliance
of the sun washed scenery and touching up that tan on a balmy day.  You’re
relaxing and enjoying the insights of new found friends.  You are struck by
the quality of the group, their creativity and the level of their success.  You all
have a blast walking on a tight rope, something you never thought you could
do!  You view the video, receive some feedback and then over the next few
days everything in your life inexplicably changes for the better.

In just a few hours, this simple process has inspired scores of people from
every walk of life to move beyond their limits and achieve blazing success.
You buy their products, watch their TV shows, listen to their music and are
healed by their insights.  Now it is time for you.  This novel approach to
personal transformation, gets you out of your head and then you get real
results in the real world!

You’ll understand the root cause of success, mediocrity, or failure and begin
changing everything in your life for the better. You’ll learn a radical and
innovative way of running your life, or your organization while at the same
time obtaining absolutely dramatic results.

  • A certain way of thinking determines the actions you take and
    therefore your results.
  • It is what you know, that isn’t so, that is your greatest obstacle.
  • Imagine just stopping what you are doing and experiencing success.
  • The final obstacle, is the belief that there is an obstacle.

Classes are held once a month at the Loews Santa Monica Hotel
on the beach. Tuition for the all-day class is on a sliding scale
$475-$875.  Send us a message via the Contact page, if you would
like to attend the next class.


“This work is amazing; my body has changed more for the better in 3 months
of working in this program than in years of doctors, surgeries and therapy.
There is a time in your life where you have to – get out the boat so you can
walk on water – if you’re ready for that, this is for you.”

Trivan Al Lovings