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Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy can be one of the most freeing and transformational
experiences for one at any age. One morning, when in my thirties, I
discovered my spine had become so rigid that I was having trouble bending
over to put on my socks. I would later discover that this inflexibility was a
mirror of my thinking at that point in my life. Luckily, I heard an inner voice
say, “You must begin some form of movement to regain your flexibility!”

Within a week I had enrolled in a three month training with a wonderful
teacher in Marin, California. For several hours, each day, I stretched and
danced slowly regaining the flexibility that had taken me years to lose.

I soon saw the correlation between the physical flexibility that I regained in
the movement class, and how it directly related to a practical result in the
real world. I then began to incorporate the movement component into the
six month – Intensive Life Training™ seminar and have since shared the gift
of restored flexibility with hundreds of people of all ages.

As a result of the quality of this work and the value created for professionals
in Los Angeles, this process was featured on ABC’S 20/20 with Barbara

The three day Retreat is an introduction to the combination of unique video
technology and modern techniques with the insights of the ancient masters,
in this intuitive process you will learn to:

  • Experience true grounding, stretching and moving from the core body.
  • Begin the process of regaining your flexibility and self esteem.
  • See and release limiting patterns of behavior for self and others.
  • Experience the holographic nature of the human body and mind.
  • See and read the energy patterns and fields of the human body.
  • Discover your blocks to communication with self and others.
  • Discover how you hold your self back in your life and how to release
    those limits and move forward.
  • Discover your personal myths and how you are bound by them.
  • Discover that the body holds wisdom and truth and communicates
    everything about us to others. And, see that there is nothing to hide.

Through movement you will learn to find balance in your life, release the
addiction to thinking so prevalent in our culture, discovering that excessive
thinking is self abuse. An old pattern of behavior is thinking about every
movement in life before executing it, moving in thought rather than from

In this Seminar you will learn to breathe fully into your entire body. You will
release the addiction to thinking. You will learn to move from the wisdom of
the core body — to move from the second Chakra — your center, which is just
a couple of inches below your navel. These exercises will give you a new
perspective on life as they open your body fully to breath, feeling and