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Past Lives & Dreamtime with Karl R. Wolfe Ph. D.

“You will always remember this retreat!”

“Get that peaceful easy feeling again and soar beyond your fears.”

  • ABC’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters, “featured” this work highlighting
    the impact and results in his clients lives. You can experience the same
    new found “success” in your life and your career?
  • Ready to transform the “quality” of your relationships and every
  • Discover the “breakthrough” video technology that has taken so many
    of his clients from modest careers to the “success” of writing,
    producing, directing and starring in films like Blown Away, The
    Titanic and their own network TV series like The Nanny, Just Shoot
    Me and Charmed.

This seminar series is an introduction to a totally new way of living your life
and developing yourself. Apply the tools and you will do things in life you’ve
never been able to do before — whether in relationships, self-expression,
creativity or business. Growth requires a personal investment. Good things
have a price. You have to exercise regularly in a supportive environment, if
you want to build new muscles. If you really want expanded personal power
you’ll have to apply yourself over a period of months. You will, however, be
able to experience progress immediately. You will experience the healing
power of the “unity of intention” of the group. Join us in this natural
mountain setting for a weekend retreat. A weekend that will truly initiate
“change” in your life!

You’ll discover that Karl’s greatest gift is helping others improve their lives
and expand their abilities. He invites those who are committed and sincere
to join him for this “ground breaking” series. Among other things, he will
help you discover the secrets of the “sixth sense?” He defines the sixth sense
as a sacred subtle energy that enables “you” to tap into the wisdom of the
etheric realms, the state of all knowing. If you have been considering
exploring the mystical realms through your dreams or past lives, then this
is for you! You will move from a life filled with the mundane to a world
where you view all of life in grander terms.

Did you know that it is your own conscious and unconscious beliefs combined
that structure your world? You will discover that the unconscious aspects that
we identify with internally we project onto the world. The events and
experiences that we encounter in our day to day life are a mirror of what we
focus on internally.

Would you like to encounter a “special” level of spirituality from which you
will perceive life in all its subtly and vastness? During this series you will
begin to develop this new awareness for yourself. You will gain a “new
perspective” on life that enlivens everything about your existence. You will
discover the “powerful” relationship that exists between your past lives,
dream imagery and daily events. The “insights” gained will increase your
personal “well being and success” in every situation.

Ever think is that all there is? Have you been waiting for that new life? Only
you can make the choice. With the right tools, “you can change” and begin
to live in a new world. You are the only one that can “break the cycle.”

“Change requires change!” Change requires conscious awareness and then
an “active choice.”

“Want to know why so many achieve results with this process?”


“At last, someone who delivers more than just words when it comes to the
healing arts and communication. This training opened my eyes to a whole
new way of living and a new level of success in my professional career! My
income quadrupled in one year!”

- Douglas D. M.D.

“I feel I have found a center to work from. That I can make things happen by
doing nothing. The burdens I let weigh me down are for the most part gone.
I now can recognize patterns which helped to make illusions seem like fact. I
feel more complete. I liked myself before I came, but now, I like myself for
greater reasons. I was ready to move from a stuck position and I have. Thank

- Lynn E. Counselor

The knowledge gained during this retreat is “essential” to your success. It will
increase the benefits from everything you do.

More Testimonials

“And I have to tell you, my therapist that I see regularly in Los Angeles, told
me that he felt I had a stronger sense of inner peace and strength since I
returned from your retreat. And that the experience was very very good for
me. A compliment and deepest thanks and appreciation to you. I do sense
an overall feeling of happiness and peace and embracing life as a journey. I
don’t feel as scared any more of life. It is amazing.”

- Deborah H. Actress

“The small, mature, and committed group held in such a natural setting were
just what I needed to uplift and heal my soul.”

- Sylvia A. Graphics Designer

“A fun and innovative way to improve your life skills ‘dramatically,’ in one
weekend. We laughed more than I have in years.”

- Patricia B. V.P. Marketing

“Within minutes I felt a deep peace and serenity and knew that this was
someone that I could trust. Someone who could help me move forward for
the first time in my life.”

- Barbara G. Attorney


“You may be missing one of your greatest personal resources
without even knowing it.”

Past life and dream content are linked with the inter dimensional realms
between lifetimes. Past life regression can illuminate your deepest
motivations. The outcome of these techniques is that you are armed with
new insights and intuitive tools. You know that in any situation you have
the resources and power to transform every interaction and relationship.

You will discover the healing power of “Telepathy.” This healing energy has
been the domain of the mystics for centuries. It is unlike any other process.
However, it remains an experience you cannot get from a book. It must be
passed from person to person. You can experience it during the weekend
without having to buy a ticket to the Himalayas.

Imagine the personal revelations when Karl initiates and maintains an
energetic field which embraces and infuses the entire group. Once initiated
into the etheric realms the group will see, feel and access the past life
experience of the selected subject. This is a profoundly spiritual,
expanding and enriching experience for all in attendance.

Are you ready to open a new door to your normal reality and spiritual nature?
Through these expanded states of consciousness you have access to both the
individual and collective realms of consciousness. It is as if the veils to other
dimensions are drawn aside. This initiation into higher states of
consciousness is very dynamic, enriching and profound. “If you are ready this
will change your life.”

“Dream analysis opens up a new dimension of self discovery and
personal understanding.”

Did you know that the images and symbols gathered from dreams and past
life regression are unbiased and uncensored content from the unconscious
mind, your desires, wishes, concerns, etc.? During the retreat you will see
that content from dreams and past lives uncovers the raw material for the
development of personal myth. After learning to interpret this content for
yourself, you will discover clear “solutions” to problems, past, present and

Have you experienced that in life there are no victims? That you create your
own reality. That you are accountable for the creation of your own personal
mythology. Understanding this is a “breakthrough for success” and a first
step in gaining a new perspective on every dynamic in your life.

“Do you want to apply a new method that saves time and gives
immediate benefits?”

Learn to uncover and interpret the themes that run through your prior life
dynamics, your dream images and your current life experiences. You will
see how they align and how they bind. You will discover and explore any
conflicts you may have between your will, your personality, your emotions,
your sexuality and your life status or situation.

You look at how you can correct patterns of behavior you discover, behavior
that may have been a survival mechanism and yet no longer serves you. You
will learn how to resolve the psychological blocks that are impediments to
your current life success.

“Are there things you would like to improve in your life?”

During the retreat you will improve your ability to communicate with others
more effectively:

  • Create more success for yourself in business.
  • Discover and fulfill your true desires.
  • Develop and improve your access to your creativity.
  • Begin to achieve your goals and visions effortlessly.
  • Improve your health.
  • Reduce stress and relieve tension.
  • Reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Improve your ability to focus.
  • Enhance all of your relationships.
  • Attain a spiritual perspective.
  • Become self actualized.
  • Teach, heal and help others.
  • Develop your intuition and extrasensory powers.

“Why is this process different?”

This is a complete set of methods designed to “help you explore” personal
imagery and the topics of personal growth including:

  • Consciousness
  • Spirituality
  • Self healing
  • Effective communication
  • Healing stressful life dynamics

Describing this process is beyond words, because it is non local and so
experiential in nature.

Frequently asked questions.

“I do not believe in past lives, will this work for me?”

Whether or not you believe past lives exist, the regression experience shines
a new light on the astonishing resourcefulness and range of the unconscious

Just as you interpret the meaning of a scene after watching a movie, you can
extract the deeper meaning and underlying themes from your own personal
images, with perspective and objectivity.

This process helps to set aside the psychological charge and judgments that
tend to block understanding in our normal daily reality.

“Will past life regression work for me?”

Most individuals respond quite easily and naturally, but not everyone has the
same experience. Results vary with respect to where you are in your personal

Sometimes the first regression is very profound and transformative in nature.
Only to discover that the subject may block further experiences in subsequent
regressions. This improves over time, as the subject integrates the content of
the initial experience.

There are many resources available during the weekend that augment and e
nhance the overall experience. “You will achieve results.”

“Does everyone experience the expanded states of consciousness?”

It is rare that an individual does not respond to “Telepathy.” Occasionally the
individual’s ego may defend and block the exchange. Sometimes just pointing
this dynamic out to the individual facilitates a change. The greater the need to
experience the phenomena, the more difficult it is for one to have the
experience. Generally, with time this changes.

You will experience great personal benefit while observing the process of
others. As with anything in life, it is necessary to be open to outcome rather
than attached to outcome.

“What if I don’t remember my dreams?”

There are several techniques presented during the retreat that have worked
for even the most avid non dreamers. There are other resources and tools
that can take the place of the past life or dream images with similar and
effective results.

“I really want to have this experience, will it happen for me?”

Trying to force any experience while exploring expanded states of
consciousness only tends to limit the experience.

The need to recreate a peak experience only serves to limit a fresh and new
experience as well.

It is helpful to release memories or expectations related to prior experiences,
so that you remain fully open to new material presented during the retreat.

“Must I share my process with others?”

You share only what you’re comfortable with, in your own time. Your
process is yours and always respected as such and this is a safe
environment. You are in control of your process at all times.

This work is very direct, enlightening and personal. Therefore, this retreat is
only for those with a solid spiritual and psychological foundation.

“The techniques and tools offered here are available no where
else in this form with ongoing support.”

After the retreat you have full access to my personal support if needed and
the resources of my staff to answer any questions you may have. I’m

Some reasons why this training is for you right now.

1. You are already successful.
2. You are ready to jump start your career.
3. You are ready to listen to your heart and that niggling voice inside.
4. You are ready to improve your sense of well being.
5. You are ready to realize your full potential

“Notice that after all else, it is the results in human lives that

Want to be with a highly creative, gracious, curious, passionate and diverse
group of individuals who are ready to take a journey to a place most only
dream of? Then join us for this true mystical journey. A journey that reveals
who and what you may become when you accept the call to adventure,
experience authentic initiation, and then return from the quest as a world

A Non-Residential Retreat

We start promptly at Noon on Friday. Plan your schedule accordingly. We
meet all day Saturday and complete the retreat in the afternoon on Sunday.

Dr. Karl R. Wolfe is a compelling “results only” Counselor and

Karl is a long term contributor to the world wide movement towards
self-awareness and higher consciousness. He combines the objectivity of a
trained scientist with a mystic’s passionate search for deeper understanding.
Through this work he reveals what it means to be a scientist, a mystic, and a
modern Western Shaman in an age of high technology and super science.

His seemingly magical intuitive insights brought him early success as
Manager of Engineering for ARCO and then Director of Marketing and
Design with a high tech company in San Francisco.

For the past 20 years he has taught advanced metaphysics and helped
hundreds of professionals promote their careers and projects “dramatically”
improving the quality of their lives.

His insights have also helped top studios like Warner Brothers, MGM,
Paramount, Universal, and the major Television Networks. Also, record
companies and their artists like Dream Works, Geffen, Sony, Michael
Jackson Productions and major law firms and medical institutions.

Those who train with him know that he is a loving, generous and caring
teacher. His primary mission is to help committed seekers realize their own
truth and discover their higher purpose. His reputation for getting powerful
and practical results is well known:

• World renowned Parapsychologist and Researcher, Dr. Stanley Krippner,
documents Karl’s gift for healing and communication in the recent book,
“Spiritual Dimensions of Healing.”

• Many of his clients in entertainment have gone from modest careers to the
“success” of writing, producing, directing and starring in films like Blown
Away, The Titanic
and their own network TV series like The Nanny, Just
Shoot Me
and Charmed.

• ABC’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters, “featured his work because of the
impact and results in his clients lives.”

• A documentary series produced for United Paramount Network News, in
Los Angeles, was one of their “highest rated” programs.

• One client is now a best selling author, with his first blockbuster book.

• The record album of one client, a composer and recording artist won seven

“Discover the true magic that occurs when you are in alignment
with your life’s purpose and doing what makes your heart sing!”

The secrets of these successes are revealed in personal consultations and a
series of helpful training’s offered monthly in Los Angeles, and at Hill Side
Ranch in Lake Isabella, California.