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Beyond the Edge™ Skating Diagnostic

Video Holo-Therapy™

Dramatically improve the quality of every area of your life!

Video Holo-Therapy™ is the core of this process.
It is a unique and innovate form of movement
therapy and is the missing link, the next step
beyond traditional therapy, and the piece every
motivational seminar leaves out.

For the first time there is a video technology that
helps everyone see the invisible and unconscious narratives and myths
that hold them back and at the same time, what works. The diagnostic
process is equivalent to five or 10 years of traditional therapy, it is illuminating,
revealing, unusual, enjoyable and it works. If you’re ready to see the truth of
why you’re stuck and what works, then this is for you.

In less than two hours, you’ll see how you manage your personal energy
system, and how and why, your inner conflicts inhibit your ability to manifest
your vision. Possibly for the first time, you’ll see where you put on the brakes
and hold yourself back. Change isn’t about doing something new, it is very
simple, you just stop the behavior that holds you back. The process is
timeless, enjoyable, and it works. After the first diagnostic session, the
transformation is oftentimes immediate, clients begin experiencing
phenomenal change in their lives, within hours or days.

The Best Part is, it’s Fun!

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