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Wednesday Night Live


Slack Line Class

Loving and Courageous

“During the Intensive, the judgement and shame that had accumulated in my
life began to feel inaccurate and unnecessary, allowing me to fall
hopelessly in
love with a newly discovered, innocent self; a self that
feels unapologetic,
immensely loving and courageous in it’s ability to
connect with others.”

- Dr. Prudence Hall

The Hall Health and Wellness Center Santa Monica, CA

Happy & Successful!

“There is ‘Before Karl’ and ‘After Karl’ No money, never a relationship and years
of searching for happiness, and now happy and successful in all areas of life:
business, personal and relationships.”

- Rex Rotsko

I Now Have a Life

“Whenever speaking about personal development, I always say that being cured by a
shrink is impossible… I had done all the other seminars and nothing really lasted.
The most profound development I’ve had is with Karl’s classes and his Intensive Life
Training. Deep down i9nside I knew something was wrong and needed to change.
Even though I made lots of money and could do whatever I wanted, finding
happiness and a loving companion eluded me. After the Intensive and working with Karl,
I am happily married with a wife and child. We now have the home I always dreamed
of, and live in Monaco. Thank you for my life.”

- Marco Colombo


“I feel I have found a center to work from. That I can make things happen by
doing nothing. The burdens I let weigh me down are for the most part gone. I now
can recognize patterns which helped to make illusions seem like fact. I feel
more complete. I liked myself before I came, but now, I like myself for greater reasons.
I was ready to move from a stuck position and I have. Thank you.”

- Lynn E., Counselor

Inner Peace

“And I have to tell you, my therapist that I see regularly in Los Angeles, told me
that he felt I had a stronger sense of inner peace and strength since I returned f
rom your retreat. And that the experience was very very good for me. A compliment
and deepest thanks and appreciation to you. I do sense an overall feeling of
happiness and peace and embracing life as a journey. I don’t feel as
scared any more of life. It is amazing.”

- Deborah H., Actress

Uplifted My Soul

“The small, mature, and committed group held in such a natural setting were
just what I needed to uplift and heal my soul.”

- Sylvia A. Graphics Designer

We Laughed

“A fun and innovative way to improve your life skills ‘dramatically,’ in
one weekend. We laughed more than I have in years.”

- Patricia B. V.P., Marketing

Self Trust

“Within minutes I felt a deep peace and serenity and knew that this was
someone that I could trust. Someone who could help me move forward
for the first time in my life.”

- Barbara G. Attorney

Owning My Power

“The dream work was fascinating and I will use the information in my life daily
to learn more about my unconscious process. Although it helps to bounce
the dream images off another, I see that I can do it on my own. It is a practical
skill I will take with me and apply.”

“And simply, the experiential aspects of the weekend were amazing. Exploring
nature, exploring feelings and exploring my past lives and dreams. I especially
enjoyed the knowledge gained through “Expanded States of Consciousness” and
the “Telepathic Rapport” that I experienced with you. Thank you. It was a
wonderful experience and extremely helpful for me in my life. I am sure, as
a result, a new awareness will develop in the weeks to come.
Thanks for being such a gift.”

“I was able to see more of my behaviors and the justice in them. I saw
that what we are we have made ourselves. I also see how I’m integrating
parts of myself through the observation of what I am doing. I feel
more present, more aware, and better able to interpret my dreams and
help others interpret theirs. I feel more alive and more limber. I’m
starting to feel my own power and a sense of self love. I feel I’m
taking responsibility for my life.”

- Paul R., Consultant and Actor

Self Acceptance

“I learned to remove obstacles and blockages. I learned to release judgment
of myself and others. That I could release the patterns of being a victim,
getting caught in drama and judging myself. I learned about loving myself
unconditionally, accepting all experiences, clearing blockages, setting goals,
being still, and going within. I learned that moving towards the things I
want in life does not have to be hard work. That it can be effortless. Being
the observer instead of the judge helps me to see my own patterns
and to dislodge myself from them.”